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Director of TRI and Professor of Transport Policy

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Edinburgh Napier University is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof Tom Rye as Director of the Transport Research institute (TRI). He will take up his duties in January 2015.

Tom is an international expert in the field of mobility management, parking management and comparative transport policy assessment. He joins TRI after spending a period as Professor of Transport at Lund University in Sweden, during which he led the successful creation of the K2 National Knowledge Centre for Public Transport (, a joint initiative of Sweden’s research funding agencies, national transport agency, three regional public transport bodies and three research organisations including Sweden’s national transport research laboratory. As a result of his previous teaching and research activity at Napier between 1996 and 2012 he is known throughout Scotland - as well as more widely across the rest of Europe - for his strong academic and research reputation in the area of transport policy.

Tom will take overall responsibility for ensuring that TRI is internationally recognised by academics, public policy makers, the transport industry and investors and for the relevance, quality and rigour of its research and its teaching in areas that contribute to more sustainable and healthy mobility.

We are delighted to welcome Tom back to Edinburgh Napier and we look forward to him leading TRI through our next stage of development.

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  • Middle East Transport Research Centre
    TRI Middle East Transport Research Centre specifically targets transport research investigations and projects in the Middle East. Household structure, car ownership, income and travel characteristics in the Middle East are considered by many researchers to be different to those in the UK and...
  • Public transport including taxis
    TRI researchers work in the areas of psychology, economics, transport planning and modelling, political science and mathematics, all highly relevant to work in the field of public transport. Particular expertise lies in the areas of supply side organisation, in particular institutional frameworks,...
  • Transport policy and planning
    TRI has a long track record of contributing to local and national transport policy. Members of TRI sit on local government committees, such as the City of Edinburgh Council Transport Forum, where our expertise is applied directly to the formation of new policy.
  • Travel behaviour and travel demand management
    Travel and transportation demand management (TDM) have been evolving from mainly focusing on improving the efficiency of the urban transportation system to operational improvements, incorporating concerns such as air quality and energy conservation into the transportation planning process.
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    Md Faqhrul Islam (PhD 2015-)
    Impact of Ubiquitous Real Time Passenger Information (URTPI) on Route Choice.
    Suzanne Meade (PhD 2015-)
    Vulnerable road user safety performance in Scotland.
    Aisling Doyle (PhD 2014-)
    Thermal modelling of the electric vehicle.
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    Clare McTigue (PhD 2015-)
    An analysis of transport policy implementation by local authorities in Edinburgh and Dublin.
    Mohamed Jama Mohamed (PhD 2015-)
    Impact of UberPOOL Ridesourcing Service on Public Transport.
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    Recent Publications

    Akgun, E., Monios, J., Rye, T., Fonzone, A. (2017). The role of urban freight transport policies in local transport strategies: A comparison of Scotland, England and Sweden. In: (Ed.) Proceedings of the annual conference of the Universities’ Transport Studies Group (UTSG), , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

    Hrelja, R., Monios, J., Rye, T., Isaksson, K., Scholten, C. (2017). The interplay of formal and informal institutions between local and regional authorities when creating well-functioning public transport systems. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 11, (8), 611-622.

    McTigue, C., Rye, T., Monios, J. (2016). The role of reporting mechanisms in transport policy implementation by local authorities in England. In: (Ed.) Proceedings of the World Conference on Transportation Research, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

    O'Dolan, C., Rye, T. (2012). An insight into policy transfer processes within an EU project and implications for future project design. Transport Policy, 24, (), 273-283.

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