Wafaa Saleh

Professor of Transport Engineering

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Wafaa Saleh is a Professor of Transport Engineering at the Transport Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University (UK). She graduated from Newcastle University with a doctorate degree in modelling travel behaviour and transportation engineering. She teaches and researches in modelling travel behaviour, travel demand management and sustainability, traffic safety and accident management and transport and the environment. Wafaa is a Chartered Engineer (MICE) and a member of a number of national and international scientific committee’s editorial teams of transport and sustainability conferences and related academic Journals.  Recently, her research interest has extended to transportation problems in the Middle East; safety in particular. She is very keen to develop further research and collaborations in these areas.

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  • Middle East Transport Research Centre
    TRI Middle East Transport Research Centre specifically targets transport research investigations and projects in the Middle East. Household structure, car ownership, income and travel characteristics in the Middle East are considered by many researchers to be different to those in the UK and...
  • Road Safety
    TRI has a well-established history of work in the road safety field particularly in cross thematic research where safety issues overlap with demand management, active travel, transport modelling and international sustainability.
  • Transport Modelling and transport demand management
    TRI has a long track record in the field of research on transport modelling. We work to make transport systems smarter, integrating advanced mathematical techniques with deep understanding of traveller behaviour. Our approach to modelling combine advanced traditional transport models with the new...
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+44 (0)131 455 2371

Room E46
Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

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    Recent Projects

    Qatar Pedestrian Research
    Analysis of research of pedestrian movement in urban areas.
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    PhD Project Involvement

    Applying behavioural economics in modelling and analysing the demand for formal/informal public transport.
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    Clare McTigue (PhD 2015-)
    An analysis of transport policy implementation by local authorities in Edinburgh and Dublin.
    Md Faqhrul Islam (PhD 2015-)
    Impact of Ubiquitous Real Time Passenger Information (URTPI) on Route Choice.
    Joseph Appiah (PhD 2013-)
    Modelling and simulation of traffic/driver behaviour.
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    Recent Publications

    Appiah, J., Saleh, W., galevko, . unspecified publication type

    Appiah, J., Galevko, A., Saleh, W., Kumar, R. (2015). Bus following model: A case study in Edinburgh. International Journal of Transport (In Press), , (), .

    Appiah, J., Saleh, W., Stewart, K. (2015, January). Evaluation of Existing Car-Following Models and Calibration Parameters Using Real Time Series Data. Paper presented at 47th Annual Conference of the University Transport Study Group, London City University.

    Chen, P., Pai, C., Jou, R., Saleh, W. (2015). Exploring motorcycle red-light violation in response to pedestrian. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 75, (), 128-136.

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    Supervised dissertations