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GreCOR will promote the development of a co-modal transport corridor in the North Sea Region. Important in this collaborative approach, is the focus on secondary networks and the hubs, and the regional hinterland around the Green transport corridor Oslo- Randstad from a co-modal perspective.
Within the North Sea Region, freight moves by sea, road, rail and barge. Of these transport modes, sea and barge are the most sustainable. The aim of the LO-PINOD project is to facilitate more freight to move by water. The three objectives of the project are: To initiate investment for multi-modal...
Maritime Transport Cluster
The Maritime Transport Cluster (MTC) project intends to develop the common voice of the Interreg IV B North Sea Region Programme on maritime transport. By applying the cluster idea to the maritime transport sector the MTC project aims at the following: * To establish a MTC network covering all NSR...


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