Transport Research Institute

The Transport Research Institute is Scotland's largest and longest established transport research group. Established in 1996 we have an enviable track record in delivering high quality transport research, consultancy and other knowledge transfer projects in applied settings. 

At TRI you'll find a level of focused expertise which most organisations simply don't have in-house. The skills we bring to the table cover everything from hard engineering through economics, business and mathematical modelling to sociology and psychology. As part of the university we offer a high level of objectivity, and we work with partners at other academic institutions across Scotland and beyond.

This combination of expertise and objectivity means we can provide you with the reliable evidence you need to make more informed decisions and develop more effective policies. We have strong links with industry so we know what the real world applications of our work could be.

We work at a strategic level with European Commission research programmes, as well as national and local governments around the world.

More information available on TRI Annual Reports.