Middle East Transport Research Centre

TRI Middle East Transport Research Centre specifically targets transport research investigations and projects in the Middle East. 

Household structure, car ownership, income and travel characteristics in the Middle East are considered by many researchers to be different to those in the UK and elsewhere in the west. Travel behaviour and choice analysis and investigations could well be affected by factors and variables specific to these countries.  Moreover, safety and accident characteristics, causes and consequences are also different compared to western countries.
Furthermore, environmental concerns, impacts and policies are quite specific and are influenced by some local factors. Sustainability is a major area of concern in the Middle East, and research efforts are needed in this area.  There is a wide range of experience to be recognised and exchanged, and many exciting and interesting research opportunities exist.  

Below is a list of external members:

1.Dr. Abdulrahman A. AlJanahi (BSC MSc PhD MILT) Director Associate Professor (Transportation Engineering & Economy) Centre for Transport and Road Studies (CTRS) College of Engineering University of Bahrain mailto:aaljanahi@uob.edu.bh

Telephone: 00973-17876602 / 00973-17876603

Fax: 00973- 17780137

POB: 32038

Isa Town

Kingdom of Bahrain


2. Dr. Attiyah M. Al-Atawi
University of Tabuk
Saudi Arabia

For further enquiries please contact Professor Wafaa Saleh
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+44 (0)131 455 2371

Wafaa Saleh
Room E46
Merchiston Campus
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