Travel behaviour and travel demand management

Travel and transportation demand management (TDM) have been evolving from mainly focusing on improving the efficiency of the urban transportation system to operational improvements, incorporating concerns such as air quality and energy conservation into the transportation planning process.  TRI staff have gained large experience in the various aspects of TDM through consultancy, research and teaching activities.

Current and recent projects include developing traffic engineering and emission modelling software with the aim of improving sustainability and the urban environment.  Assessing public acceptability and effectiveness of pricing measures in Edinburgh, modelling road tolls and investigating provision of pedestrian facilities at signalised junctions are projects aiming for enhancing transport policy implementation and improving pedestrian safety and in the urban areas.  Driving cycle investigations for cars, buses and motorbikes are other examples of projects which aim for providing valuable recommendations for transport decision makers to improve sustainability.

At an international level, TRI has undertaken joint projects to assess travel demand management in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  With the founding of the TRI Middle East Transport Research Centre, whose function is to specifically target transport research investigations and projects in the Middle East, further opportunities for investigations of TDM and travel behaviour in different geographical areas, where sustainability is a major area of concern are being made.
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Selected Publications

Monios, J., Wilmsmeier, G. (2015). Identifying material, geographical and institutional mobilities in the global maritime trade system. In: Birtchnell, T., Savitsky, S., Urry, J. (Eds.) Cargomobilities: moving materials in a global age, , () ( ed.). (pp. 125-148). Abingdon: . Routledge.