Freight and logistics including maritime transport

TRI has long been recognised as an authoritative source of research and consultancy in the field of freight transport and logistics, including maritime transport.  Our research experience covers topics as diverse as the planning and operations of rail freight transport, port competition and connectivity, trends in international shipping networks, ferries, the role of local and regional freight hubs, retail distribution and green logistics.  We have particular expertise in research and advice on modal shift to greener transport modes.  In addition to specific topics, we offer expertise in the broader elements of freight transport policy.  TRI staff have been contracted many times by the Scottish Government and in 2015 we advised the Scottish parliament Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee on their national freight transport consultation.

We have significant experience leading large international multi-partner research projects as well as partnering with other organisations (eg Dryport, Northern Maritime University, StratMos, GreCOR, EN-RICH, KNOW-ME).  In addition, we have a long track record of market-led consultancy on strategic projects for Scotland such as potential for short sea shipping, Scotland's ferry connections, mapping freight flows, modal shift opportunities for the Scottish whisky sector and analysis of bulk shipping and empty container repositioning.  TRI is widely recognised as Scotland's leading source of high quality research in freight transport and logistics, with particular specialities in maritime and intermodal transport. 

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Jason Monios
Room E36
Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

Selected Publications

Monios, J., Bergqvist, R. (2015, ). Developing a framework for standardising and harmonising intermodal terminal concession contracts. Paper presented at 4th Florence Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures, Florence.

Wang, Y., Cullinane, K.P.B. (2015, August 31). Determents of Port Centrality in Maritime Container Transportation. Paper presented at the International Conference on Global Integration of Economies and Connectivity Development in collaboration with Asian Logistics Round Table, Taipei.

Monios, J., Bergqvist, R. (2015, ). Using “virtual joint ventures” for port hinterland transport: the case of Jula and Schenker. Paper presented at European Conference on Shipping, Intermodality and Ports, Chios, Greece.

Monios, J., Notteboom, T., Wilmsmeier, G., Rodrigue, J. (2015, ). Competition and complementarity between seaports and hinterland locations for attracting distribution activities: a regional comparison. Paper presented at European Conference on Shipping, Intermodality and Ports, Chios, Greece.

Monios, J., Powell, D. (2016). Riyadh Freight Handling and Dry Port Options Project. , (), ..

Monios, J. (2016, ). Logistical challenges facing Scottish importers and exporters. Paper presented at Developing Scotland’s International Seaports: Securing Economic Growth, Edinburgh.