Transport Research Institute

The Transport Research Institute is Scotland's largest and longest established transport research group. Established in 1996 we have an enviable track record in delivering high quality transport research, consultancy and other knowledge transfer projects in applied settings.

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We can work with you to share knowledge or interpret and apply the findings of our current research to your business. We can also set up new consultancy agreements, applied research and development contracts and investigate opportunities for funding.

Active healthy mobility
Amongst TRI staff there are specialists in fields important to walking and cycling: street design, design of new developments, road safety analysis and design, and transport policy development and analysis. Our experience in the field has been gained in consultancy and in research and demonstration...
Middle East Transport Research Centre
TRI Middle East Transport Research Centre specifically targets transport research investigations and projects in the Middle East. Household structure, car ownership, income and travel characteristics in the Middle East are considered by many researchers to be different to those in the UK and...
Road Safety
TRI has a well-established history of work in the road safety field particularly in cross thematic research where safety issues overlap with demand management, active travel, transport modelling and international sustainability.
Transport Modelling and transport demand management
TRI has a long track record in the field of research on transport modelling. We work to make transport systems smarter, integrating advanced mathematical techniques with deep understanding of traveller behaviour. Our approach to modelling combine advanced traditional transport models with the new...
Travel behaviour and travel demand management
Travel and transportation demand management (TDM) have been evolving from mainly focusing on improving the efficiency of the urban transportation system to operational improvements, incorporating concerns such as air quality and energy conservation into the transportation planning process.
Freight and logistics including maritime transport
TRI has long been recognised as an authoritative source of research and consultancy in the field of freight transport and logistics, including maritime transport. Our research experience covers topics as diverse as the planning and operations of rail freight transport, port competition and...
Public transport including taxis
TRI researchers work in the areas of psychology, economics, transport planning and modelling, political science and mathematics, all highly relevant to work in the field of public transport. Particular expertise lies in the areas of supply side organisation, in particular institutional frameworks,...
Smart clean sustainable mobility
TRI staff have extensive experience in all areas relating to smart clean sustainable mobility. This includes in particular Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as well as non-technological solutions to more sustainable mobility, inter- and co-modality, and electric vehicles.
Transport policy and planning
TRI has a long track record of contributing to local and national transport policy. Members of TRI sit on local government committees, such as the City of Edinburgh Council Transport Forum, where our expertise is applied directly to the formation of new policy.