Transport Research Institute

The Transport Research Institute is Scotland's largest and longest established transport research group. Established in 1996 we have an enviable track record in delivering high quality transport research, consultancy and other knowledge transfer projects in applied settings.

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We can work with you to share knowledge or interpret and apply the findings of our current research to your business. We can also set up new consultancy agreements, applied research and development contracts and investigate opportunities for funding.

Maritime Transport and Logistics
Maritime Transport is an essential element of the global economy and international logistics, as well as an efficient and low-polluting way to transport freight and people. TRI is recognised worldwide for our maritime research and we can offer you particular expertise in Asia, Latin-America and...
Social Aspects of Transport
Research into the social aspects of transport considers the impacts of transport planning, policy and implementation decisions on society. It was established as a theme for the activities of TRI over a decade ago as a consequence of targeted funding by the scottish higher Education Funding council.
Taxi Studies
Taxis are the biggest single economic employer in many cities yet traditionally they have tended to be ignored in transport studies. At TRI we can help you create more efficient services as we have established new approaches to the analysis of regulation, supply and appropriate tariffs in taxi and...
Transport Modelling
You can use transport models to forecast demand for travel, predict the behavioural response of travellers, or the economic, environmental or safety impact of new transport services or infrastructure provision. Our researchers have extensive experience, including travel demand forecasting, looking...
Mobility Management
Mobility management - and the UK’s smarter choices agenda – aims to promote awareness of travel options that can help reduce dependence on travel by car and promote more sustainable alternatives. Our research in mobility management has had a direct influence on public policy across Europe.
Sustainable Transport
Transport has a critical role to play in contributing to climate change goals through emerging low carbon technologies and greener vehicles. Our researchers have a strong record in sustainable energy. They’ve been engaged as consultants on energy-related projects funded by local government and UK...
Transport Economics
Transport economics covers supply and demand in transport, transport costs, transport markets and the pricing of services. Much of our work is on pricing structures – where we propose different pricing regimes and then assess the level of demand at each price.
Transport Psychology
How do you find out why people make the travel choices they do? What factors affect pedestrian behaviour? And how will they respond to more sustainable transport systems you provide? To encourage people to change their travel behaviour you need to understand the psychology behind that behaviour.